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Web Design – Princeton Railroad Museum

I had the opportunity to design the website for the Princeton Railroad Museum. Since web design is one of my passions, this project is near and dear to…

Wandering West Virginia Art Exhibition

My goal was to show the beauty of West Virginia. I had a solo art exhibition and reception at the Chuck Mathena center in Princeton, WV on June…

West Virginia Day 2015 Poster

I designed this poster to promote West Virginia day 2015 in Princeton, WV. Click the image above to enlarge.

PowerPoint Marketing Plan

You can preview the whole PowerPoint here. You can download the PowerPoint Presentation here: Sam Franz

Art Auction Graphic Design

Click my poster above for a larger view.

Paint the Town Blue Flyer

Newlywed Game Marketing

This poster is an advertisement for an even called the Newlywed Game. We hosted a live version of the classic game show. I had the privilege of Narrating…

Vawn Fashion Photography

I created these images with Vawn in the historic downtown area. I utilized that “magic hour” light just before sunset.

3D models in Google Earth

I used Sketchup to build 3D models of Concord University in Athens, WV. I uploaded these 3D models to Google’s servers. Now they are an official part of…

Socks Rockstar Photoshoot

Hi. Click any my images below to activate the full-screen gallery feature.

Tiny Macro Photography

I entered this macro photography in the “Tiny Art Show” at the Emerge art gallery in Greenville, NC.

Archetypes Exhibit

I put together this series for a professional art show to be displayed at Bluefield State College’s Art Gallery. Can you guess what each archetype represents without reading…

Retro Tech Girl Pinup

These images are from a group Art Exhibition called Nerdapalooza.

Putting It Together

I designed this poster to promote a presentation of Putting it Together for a local theatre.

Wood-Fired Ceramics

I threw these pots on a potters wheel. I glazed with Temoku. I fired in a wood kiln for three days at a maximum temperature of 2150 degrees…