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Steph in Studio

This was a very controlled photoshoot. The Studio conditions allowed me to get the light just the way I like it. I wish I could do that on…

Vawn the Witch Photoshoot

This photoshoot was lots of fun. I was lucky to work with a model who does her own makeup. Click on any image to view the gallery full…

Fire Dancers Nighttime Photography

This was one of my most challenging photoshoots. Click any one of my images to launch the full-screen photo gallery.

Culturefest 2015 Photography

Click any of my photographs below to view the full-screen gallery.

Art Auction Graphic Design

Click my poster above for a larger view.

Vawn Fashion Photography

I created these images with Vawn in the historic downtown area. I utilized that “magic hour” light just before sunset.

Tiny Macro Photography

I entered this macro photography in the “Tiny Art Show” at the Emerge art gallery in Greenville, NC.

Archetypes Exhibit

I put together this series for a professional art show to be displayed at Bluefield State College’s Art Gallery. Can you guess what each archetype represents without reading…

Retro Tech Girl Pinup

These images are from a group Art Exhibition called Nerdapalooza.