Text for people with impairments

Oh, hello there, welcome!

Welcome to the video recording studio. I’m Sam.

Today I’m gonna give you a little behind the scenes tour to show you some of our capabilities, some of the things we do and make here, and how we bring it all together.

Come along; it’s gonna be fun.

Welcome to our sound booth. We use this space for recording voice overs for narration or practically any other audio you like. We have these acoustic panels on the wall to prevent echo. And when this door is shut good and tight, you can’t hardly hear a whisper from outside.

So microlearning provides learners with small bits of information that are easier to digest and apply.

We can also record voices here for the great animations that the team I work with produces.

Do not plug in any devices that are not provided through the agency supply chain. Like software, hardware can be compromised and be a vector of malware.

Never use charging cords at airports or other public spaces.

Howdy, take a look over here. This is our video editing console. We sometimes call this a TriCaster. This allows me to switch in between various video inputs.

Like for instance, let’s say I wanted to go back to the video input that I had earlier at the beginning of this video. I can switch just like that, and come back to me in just a moment.

I can also do things like putting up lower thirds along the bottom of the screen to show the name of the person who’s speaking.

And, if I like, I can also bring in videos for our audience to watch like this.

So, anytime that we need to edit any kind of a live video on the fly, this video editing console comes in real handy.

And you may notice that right here next to the video editing console, I’ve also got a sound board. This mixer here allows me to turn my microphone down really low, or allows me to make my microphone very loud. Either way, I can control this all with one hand while I’ve got the other hand over here on the video console.

Pretty good, right?

Oh, and… that’s not the end of it. We’ve got a few more tricks that we can show you with this video editing console.

We now interrupt this semi-educational video for some breaking news. You might have heard, there’s been a pandemic, and this has interrupted international travel.

So, how do we go about keeping in contact with our colleagues overseas if we can’t even board an airplane? Well, we here at the video recording studio might just have a helpful solution for you. And we’ll get to that right after your local news, sports, and weather.

But first, let me show you how I achieved this effect behind me.

So here you can see that I actually just have a green screen background behind me. And I’m using that video editing console that I showed you earlier to create a virtual studio that I can sit in.

So, by simply striking this key, I can pull up my virtual studio and also I can play this video that’s behind me – well, behind this shoulder.

Now, I can also go about using this for more useful and slightly less flashy things. So let’s say that instead of being in a virtual studio, what I really want is just something a little more down to earth. Let’s say that I want to be able to show a PowerPoint.

Now, Let’s go ahead and pull up a PowerPoint as my virtual background instead of a news studio. And with this little PowerPoint clicker, I could sit here and I could give this presentation. But with this presentation… it really only does any good if I can present it to someone, right?

So, we have put together a solution for this. We can stream our videos live from here in the video recording studio over any of these online platforms. We can use go to webinar, or teams, or webex, or practically any kind of video conferencing solution you can think of. We can, and have, used this video studio to communicate with colleagues all over the world.

And, if you like, I can show you a few examples.

It’s really fascinating when all of the parts of this puzzle come together to help people collaborate and do their very important work.

So, what I’d like to do, over the next half an hour or so, is introduce you to some of the activity that the medical branch in act has undertaken over the last six months.

When a whole team comes together we can build some pretty impressive online events. In fact, we keep on improving our online events time and again – each a little bit better than the last.

Admiral the floor is yours. Ladies and gentlemen, good morning and good afternoon I’m RADM John Tammen.

With the right equipment and the right know-how we can produce high-level events.

To prepare this virtual session we sent a call for paper focus on mission driver capability development and agility and innovation in acquisition and i must admit that the results are impressive both in terms of the quality of the papers we received and the interest that NIF created in the industrial community.

The second problem we would like to solve together is the need to be collectively more agile. A part of new technologies especially in the digital world are already out there in the private sector and need to be better and faster integrated in our capability development.

This is the meaning of the numerous initiatives act has taken in this field including the establishment of NATO innovation lab here in Norfolk and to propose an EDT road map to mention some of them. Our lab has started to deliver its first mvp last year and is running today around 20 different projects.

Take a look at how this webinar came together. Can you guess which camera is ours?

Can i ask firstly before we we go to that question for all the SMEs to bring up their cameras um because we’ll know that we’re now going to the main q a session. Thank you. In the meantime while everybody’s bringing up those cameras… Fantastic welcome… Can I ask Natalie to to begin on that question please?

If you need to schedule some time in the video recording studio, come on by MSTT on the second floor, and I’ll put you on the calendar. Try to plan things out at least three weeks in advance or more.

Thanks for coming along on this tour of the video recording studio with me. It’s been great talking with you. I don’t know what you got planned for the rest of your day, but as for me, I’m off to the beach.